Viber launches "keyboard for shopping"

Viber launches new opportunities for online retail. In the messenger there will be a button "catalog", which will redirect users to the so-called "keyboard for shopping". Users will be able to find the right products and share them with friends without leaving Viber. Russia will become one of the first markets to launch a "catalog".


Having opened the "keyboard for shopping", users will be able to view offers from Viber partners. After choosing the product you are interested in, you can send it to a chat or make a purchase right away. It is worth noting that the stores will not get access to the content of messages in chat rooms, where users will send the found goods.

The following companies already take part in the program: includes Macy's, Saks Fifth Avenue, Neiman Marcus, Gamestop, Asos, Lacoste, Airbnb. In the future, this list will expand. The appearance of local brands is also expected.

Head of e-commerce of Viber Zephrin Lasker said:

Our main goal is to simplify the process of making purchases for those who are not used to spending much time and effort on this. The main idea was the desire to help people find the product quickly, when they have just had an idea about a particular product. They just see what they want, show it to friends, discuss and buy. Mobile shopping has never been so easy and convenient.


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