The draft bill on the regulation of Internet traffic: a new version

The Ministry of Communications of the Russian Federation has amended the bill on the regulation of Internet traffic. Operators were released from the requirements to pass traffic only through the exchange points from the state register. The main requirement for operators is the filling of the information system "Communication" with technical data.

Also the new version of the draft law removes the restriction of foreign participation in the capital of mobile operators in 20%. This measure now applies only to the MSK-IX traffic exchange center, controlled by Rostelecom.


The Ministry of Communications reported that the new version of the bill was developed in cooperation with the leading Russian operators: all their comments were taken into account and worked out.

It is necessary to point out that the first version of the draft law on the regulation of the Russian Internet segment was promulgated in May 2017. The Ministry's decision was met with a wave of criticism from state bodies, business and experts.

Source: Kommersant

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