Our tools
During our work, we have accumulated a wealth of experience, developed powerful tools of analytics and automation, which allow us to provide services at the highest professional level.
Smart Adv
Optimize your budget by selecting and combining channels according to your preferences – SMS, Viber, WhatsApp, Telegram, Facebook, Skype.
Messenger Integration

You can reduce the cost of an advertising campaign by a competent selection of tools.

We can choose the best variant of mailing by combining several messengers, which will significantly optimize your budget and increase the conversion.

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Integration of sms and instant messengers

By combining sms + messengers, you can provide your customers with the most complete information and maximize the effectiveness of the entire database.

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Smart for service mailings

Service mailings are done by pre-agreed templates.

Modern communication channels allow you to share the traffic of template messages between SMS and instant messengers.

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Mailings cost calculation
Choose a mailing
Number of contacts / subscribers

Number of mailings per month

Localization of SMS
Characters in 1 message

9 216 ₽ / month
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* Service and transactional traffic on request
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