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ADV Media Group is an advertising agency that provides services in the field of Internet marketing and mobile communications for bringing the brand to the market, promoting on the Internet and maintaining dialogue with the client.
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We attract new customers for your business
SMS marketing
We increase sales and manage the loyalty of existing customers.
SEO and SMM specialists
Our specialists will bring your website to the TOP-5 of Yandex and Google and attract traffic.
Search and getting clients
Website provides for increasing customer confidence and sales growth.
Since 2009 we create, launch and promote web resources

We conduct advertising campaigns using SMS, Viber, WhatsApp, Telegram, Facebook, Skype and other channels.

We help to find new customers, build a reputation and increase sales, optimize budgets and increase the conversion of advertising campaigns.

We optimize the advertising budget for mailings

The prices for faceless messages are several times different from the information sent in instant messengers.

Our marketers will tell you how to make a mailing, using new tools and optimizing the budget.

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A modern, economically profitable channel with more opportunities. The global audience of Viber has more than 660 million registered users.
The popularity of WhatsApp is growing every year, as evidenced by the fact that more than 60 billion messages are sent daily.
A familiar format for messages.
Order the first mailing and evaluate the conversion
Mailings support both advertising format and individual notifications (service messages).
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Messengers - a new level of interaction with the client
In messengers clients receive colorful and informative messages, and due to their wide coverage, mobile application users cover up to 70% of client and external databases. Having divided the base into sms and instant messengers, the advertising budget will be reduced to 40%.
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